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Ladies who lunch! ;)

on October 15, 2013

Today something strange and absolutely beautiful happened. Brace yourselves – I talked to an adult in the middle of the day! Not because of dancing or field trips, not because of grades or broken plumbing. I spoke to an adult on a SOCIAL level! I got dressed, left my house and had an hour long lunch with a friend. It was, in short, lovely!

Now, look, I love my kids. We are a team, a unit and we are good. We operate well together, learning and cleaning and laughing and playing. I don’t even realize that I miss grownups – I don’t think i do most of the time – and then it hits and I am just up a wall with the need to talk to a person. Preferably one I like! Today, I got to hang out with a great girl and enjoy a wonderful lunch.

I came home feeling satisfied and, even more importantly, I was emotionally happy. I feel good! Now, I just need to work on my working out, and I have a plan for that!


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