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Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch, 2013

on October 28, 2013
pumpkin patch (71)

The view from the middle of the corn maze! Spooky!!!

There is a pumpkin patch about an hour and a half from our cozy little home and it is by far the best one around. Worth the ride. This year when the kids asked if we would be going to the pumpkin patch I must admit I considered looking for a pumpkin patch closer to home. Then I reminded myself that my children are getting older and they wont be asking for pumpkin patch time for too many more years, so I needed to just enjoy the ride.

We wound up getting a fun surprise when we found out that my wife would be on vacation and therefor able to go with us.

Days like this one, and weeks of her being on vacation really make me pray so hard for something magical to happen that would allow us to live on a little patch of land, all of us home and working together – wife included. This little family is such a great team!

In fact my lovelies all worked together to clean the girl’s rooms and remove their carpeting while I was out at the church yard sale this weekend. When I cam home she was all googley over how wonderfully they all worked together. My answer, “I know! I am blessed to have them on my team!” lol I always feel that way! When we do dishes, grocery shop… all of it!


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