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Welcome to Kids Kitchen

on October 31, 2013

Open on Saturday’s during race hours. 🙂

My amazing wife is amazing! I shall toot her horn daily!

Two races ago Ree had to bring her kids in town with her for a race. We left them sleeping while we snuck away to run. After the race I got a text from my wife that all things were great and they were having fun. When I got home I found that she had gone to the bakery and bought them all sorts of donuts and pastries to try. She also had all sorts of milk flavorings. So the kids were able to try and mix and indulge as they please. “That’s okay, right?” she asked sweetly. Yes, of course, they can all have a day of fun – after all Ree and I are!

So when we did the Dirty Girl we arranged again to have my wife keep the kids. Once again they had magical breakfast fun! She had chocolate chips and sprinkles and different berries and let them place pancake orders! This was the picture that she sent! Awesome! lol


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