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What does prayer look like?

on November 7, 2013

It’s different for everyone, I think. I am a quiet prayer person. Often when people step up to pray over someone they do it loudly or in tongues – that is what people expect and I have even had people express that if you are not praying loud you are not a prayer warrior. Maybe, but I don’t believe that. I believe – for me – in the laying on of hands. There are times when God tells me to touch someone, however to be honest that still scares me. 9 out of 10 I don’t do it. I’m still very unsure, and I think that is okay because I am working through it. I believe in the power of faith and prayer, and I think that if I can keep myself more focused quietly then that is fine for me.

Also, loud prayer – tongues, it makes me very uncomfortable. It brings me to a place in my past where I feel a lot of hurt and distrust. Again, something I am working through.

Recently, however, I have felt very connected to God on a deep internal level. I have been in prayer most all day, giving thanks and praising. I also have been painting and the two have come together. I believe I have found one of my callings. I am a prayer artist. I paint and pray and focus on healing (if that is the case) or love or peace or whatever God is pouring into me – and I create whatever it is that that word becomes in my mind.

These are two I did for people in my church congregation.


2 responses to “What does prayer look like?

  1. mic0987 says:

    Everyone prays differently. There is no right or wrong way to pray, the important thing is to pray. I too am a “quiet prayer person” and it is what is comfortable for me. So, to you I say, keep doing what you do because you touch more people than you know without saying a word. Our church is blessed to have you!

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