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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ― Pablo Picasso

on November 8, 2013

Strange how things can go from so clear to so lost and back again. I felt so moved earlier this year – my life is God’s and I want it to please Him in every way. Sure, but what does that mean? Well, what I figured was that I should just keep doing what I was doing: praying, worshiping, going to church, making Jesus the center of my life, and that eventually the next step would be revealed. I had no idea it would be so fast and furious when it came, thank God for the way He works!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ― Pablo Picasso

See, what I am almost certain that mean is that if you wait on the inspiration and never DO anything you will be waiting a very long time. You have to start digging before you can make the well. In this instance I think it would have been easy to say, “God, I want my art to please You. God, You will be the center of all my gifts.” and then continue to make and create drawing from the life experiences I always had. In other words, me-centered art. Instead I made the decision to seek Him first and to be constantly immersing myself in the Lord, sketching and praying and doing that work.

It is as if I had been collecting firewood and now we have FIRE!

I am painting, I am thinking – constantly having revelations and thoughts and conversations with God, or with people about God! Suddenly where there was the desire to have my art serve Him, there now is divine inspiration EVERYWHERE and the directions to get more. This is my life blog and it will still be full of all the things that fill my life: family, home schooling, food, art – but it will also be a whole lot of God. My life has found it’s center, it’s balance it lacked for a long time. I am finally truly and completely on a journey of peace and happiness, of being the best me.

Inspiration found me working.



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