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on November 19, 2013

Not the, “I’m so cute.” kind! It’s the, “Get your girl on!” kind!

This weekend God blessed me with energy and focus. The FOCUS is a big deal! Only, it wasn’t really “focus” as much as it was divinely guided multitasking. Seriously, I did the laundry (which is a mini miracle in itself) and I completed the dishes and (with the kids help) I straightened the house and ORGANIZED MY MAKEUP. I didn’t just organize it – I got rid, cleaned and then put it all away! I know!

See, my wife started talking about getting me a vanity, a place for me and all my girlie to exist in our bedroom without over taking her. lol I am a little resistant to change. (I say resistant because I used to say, “I don’t like change.” What I have learned is that change makes me VERY uncomfortable, however if I give it a chance I do like it!) I was a little miffed  at the thought of being kicked off the dresser (where I usually set up camp to do my makeup.) As I thought about it I started to get excited.

Then the mirror came, a neighbor donated a lot of things to my church for sale. The mirror was one of them, so I took it for my vanity (and paid my church! I wouldn’t just take it. I forked over twenty bucks for that mirror, a pair of shoes and four coffee cups!) The mirror really got my creativity flowing and I decided to surprise my wife by take the initiative. I really wanted to get it done all on my own. Once I actually started to move into my vanity, I got all sorts of “in order!”

The wildest thing is that this vanity makes me feel like if I had a craft room where everything had a place that I would SO TOTES be able to keep it straight!


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