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Tomorrow is my birthday!

on November 22, 2013

I will be 33 as of roughly 1:18 AM – 33.33-ways-to-make-2013-your-best-year-yetI’m not sad, in fact getting older doesn’t bother me as far as I am concerned. When I think of my kids I get a little wishy-washy, just because no amount of time on earth will ever be long enough with them. On a personal level, I am excited. In reference to age I have held two beliefs as long as I could remember – the first was that I would live to be 135 and the other was that forty was when my life was really going to get GREAT!

Thing is, while I still believe that, I can’t imagine it! Let’s look at my last few years: 30 and I ran for the first time, got married and lost 100 pounds. 31 and I PRed without trying in a fantastic half marathon, home schooled and started this blog. 32 and I FOUND MY CHURCH which has led to a discovery of a whole new me, and ART!

I know, deep in my gut, that 33 will be an amazing year and I know that this decade is leading up to the start, the beginning of my life – what I can’t figure out is how I will possibly handle all this wonderful, all these blessings, all the good and not explode!!!


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