Goals ~ Raising my standards.

The longest road.

Changing your life is hard. You look at where you are, and you squint into the far off to see where you want to be. If you can even see it, it is so very far away with no clear road and tons of obstacles.If you could only take your eyes off that far away place and look down at where you are. If you could forget for a moment that it is a long journey and – here it is, the time has come – I am about to glitter bomb you with a dumb sayings that actually do apply – realize that the journey of 1,000 miles starts with just one step.  Thing about all that clutter in the way, all those obstacles is this – it disappears when you are concentrating on only the next step. (Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goal.)

Focused on what you can do and when you look up the next time you will be blown away by how far you have gotten. You might even pass your original goal when you aren’t looking. Weight Watcher’s uses this in their weight goals – 5% and then 10% and then your next 10% and so on. The only thing I don’t agree with them on is that they will often fuss someone for setting a “big” goal upfront. When I started I was very verbal about wanting to lose 100 pounds. They often would give me that, “That’s so sweet.” look and then tell me something like start small. I was starting small. (Or big in this case.) I had told myself it could take years, .25-.5 pounds a week was my goal. All I wanted was progress no matter how small – but I also knew where I was going. I wasn’t going to get swept into this, 50 pounds is enough, I was on a journey and I needed a destination. You need a destination, you just don’t need to get caught up in the route to it!

Does that make sense?


1 thought on “The longest road.”

  1. I am sure you are getting help with your health issues but since I don’t know and because Dr’s don’t always know a proper treatment for your health issues I am wondering if you are aware that a gluten intolerance can cause the very symptoms you have. It took me years to discover this on my own, even with doing lots of net searches. I stopped eating all grains and am finally feeling myself again. I feel so bad knowing how you must suffer.
    Today’s gluten is stronger and more addicting than ever and is causing more health problems than ever.
    Good luck and stay healthy

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