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Villalobos Rescue Center, NOLA ~ 2013

on December 3, 2013

It’s cold and I wish that I had a ranch with warm farm houses that could be home to dozens of cold little pups, a world of pits and puppies! Only I don’t and it’s still cold. So, in honor of my girl Paisley who I love and couldn’t imagine my life without – I took the kids to Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans (like a seven minute drive from my house) to donate blankets. I think it is really important that kids learn about giving, about good pet ownership, about how to treat animals and how to safely be with animals, I think it’s important that they learn about not judging a book by its cover and the dangers of allowing what you hear or read make up you mind. Pit Bulls have facilitated all of this.

They love Paisley and they want the best for her, they know she came from a rough start, they have learned their role in interacting to ensure that they and she remain safe and happy. They have learned that this isn’t just for “mean” dogs or “mean” breeds – this is for all animals of all sizes. They have learned all about the lies and judgments passed on dogs like Paisley and that it is not fair or true. On this day they came with me to buy all the blankets we could and to give them to the center.

I was blown away by the love these dogs have, most of them pressing up to the kennel walls to be scratched and rubbed. I was happy when as we left my Lou ♥ smiled and said, “I feel like we made a little difference.” I can’t take any home right now and that makes me sad because I connected we several! (But my heart is with Paisley and we already have a full house!) I will be figuring out how to work volunteering into our week. I am not sure how old the kids need to be, but we can at least do laundry for them. All of these and plenty more are available for adoption and you should totally go to their website if you are looking for a friend, also if you want to give this Christmas season or fall in love and want to help take care of a certain dog you can do that there as well!


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