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on December 4, 2013

Before we finalized plans for Thanksgiving Day I had told my wife we would do a turkey in her oil-less fryer and have a little Thanksgiving Day at home. When plans changes I still had a turkey in my fridge and she still had the desire to play with her fryer! We decided to have a second “mini” Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. I jokingly referred to it as “TD2” and the name just stuck! All day the kids and my wife and I made plans – everyone making sure that their favorite dish would be on the TD2 table.

The TD2 table!

The TD2 table!

In the end TD2 was an absolute success! With left over dishes from the day before and a fresh turkey we all sat down to a great evening of eating and visiting. My wife and I both agreed that we will do mini feast for our little family on all the holidays, no longer chasing down a big group or trying to force something to happen.

We have already planned our Christmas menu: Duck a l’Orange, Cornish hens for the girls (because they don’t like the idea of eating Daffy,) dressing, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes and my wife has decided she is going to attempt a peach cobbler COMPLETELY from scratch! (I have pies in the deep freeze if something goes wrong!) lol


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