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Growing up, isn’t easy – sure is fun!

on December 11, 2013

You know when you first get your own place, and your life becomes this collection of things other people no longer need/want in their homes. You are SO grateful and so happy to have these things, but slowly it gets old… (Also, there is generally a reason that they no longer wanted it.) Seriously, I am not knocking second hand – the desk that recently became my vanity has been in every other room of the house playing a different role in each.

Our living room had become this collection of bits, unmatched and (worse) ill-fitting. My wife has been wanting an upgrade and a fireplace. I have been saying, maybe. When a really great one came on sale for Black Friday we picked it up.

The old set up!

The old set up!

I got my butch on and put it together, no issues, no arguments, no broken pieces. All the things that were all over fit beautifully into that entertainment center with room! The whole room is different now! I adore it! After we just kind of stood there and stared at the fire, in awe over how blessed and grown-up we are.




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