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Well, hello again.

on January 6, 2014

Wow! It’s literally all I can think as I type this blog. It’s been THREE WEEKS and a day since I have posted anything. THREE WEEKS. I know! I missed you, too! lol Seriously, though, those were not some random collection of weeks, they were not three lazy weeks of summer or three chaotic weeks of exams. It was Christmas in all it’s glory! Christmas shopping and gifts, Christmas parties and shows, Christmas food and family fun. Christmas – and not a peep from me. You know, that’s not quite right!

Darling blogging bunnies, yours truly (and by that I mean me) was ill. Not ill, SICK! Sick like flu. Only, let me be honest, it was flu like none other I have ever had the displeasure of meeting! I remember my first flu, it made me think I was going mad. I was all, “My head hurts, no wait! My throat hurts. Huh, nope it’s my back, only it’s my head again…” and, of course, I was tired. It sucked, but I kicked it in a few days and moved one. This FLU! THIS FLU KNOCKED ME OUT! Like, for real.

Let’s see, three weeks (December 9th-ish) ago I was feeling off – bad – down and tired. We curbed school and I took naps. I wasn’t outright sick, but things were starting to go wrong. My head and throat were sore and I didn’t workout – at all. That is a HUGE indication of what was happening! By the end of that week I was soooo tired, even though I had taken lots of downtime. I had a Christmas show to be in with my wife and our church on Friday night. I enjoyed it, but I sat a lot and I felt like conversations were hard to have. Saturday night was my wife’s Christmas party with work. I look forward to that party all year. (I used to work at the company and I love seeing some of them again!) I had no voice – LITERALLY – I could not talk, not whisper, nothing! Sunday, with little improvement on my voice and none of how I was feeling I actually cried during church. I was just so exhausted and sad. By Sunday evening it was all over, I was done.

I went to my doctor on the 15th and I came home with four prescriptions and an official case of the flu. Over the next week I was on a schedule of meds and sleep – fever and chills and pain and worry. I seriously felt like I might have to go to the hospital. I couldn’t even make it to the kitchen to feed my poor children half the time (thank God my oldest is a lovely and mature little eleven year old lady who kindly made sandwiches and cereal as needed) much less work out. However, by the time Thursday came feeding them wasn’t really and issue as they both became sick as well. We sipped broth and had little glass cups of sherbet as we took our medications and napped. A second week of no physical activity and by this point I wasn’t even thinking of it I was so out of it! My voice was still gone and I as well. The decision to stay home during church was made – it broke my heart, but I didn’t want to make anyone sick.

Right around the Monday before Christmas I was alive enough to realize I didn’t have any Christmas shopping done and I didn’t have the energy to do any. My poor, overworked, loving wife went and did my bidding as I cried and slept in alternating fits on the couch. The children had been told by the doctor that we all had to be fever free for twenty-four hours before we would no longer be contagious. All of our fevers broke RIGHT in the nick of time for our family’s Christmas Eve gathering. The children, who seemed to bounce right back (the joy of youth) were happy to be there and could have partied all night. I was happy to see everyone, but I was unbelievably tired and still had a painfully destroyed voice and trouble breathing. That party took all the life out of me and after gifts of Christmas morning I actually took a three hour nap. Napping and not working out FOR THREE WEEKS? I became very sad, would I ever feel normal again?! My poor little family, we had planned a small feast for Christmas day and instead (because I was too sick to shop or cook) we had to go out into the world to find and open restaurant. We wound up eating at the local Chinese food buffet that gave my wife food poisoning six months ago. After we ate it was like waiting for a bomb to go off – which thankfully never did! The rest of that week was spent as the previous two had been, sleeping and feeling sorry for myself and my family who I usually pamper! Only, there was something bigger looming…

Was I going to be well enough for our family camping trip the following week? Honestly, by the time the weekend arrived I was still doubtful. My father had agreed to stay at our house while we were gone and I almost called to cancel, but my wife assured me that if the kids were well and I was the only one still kind of sick she would take care of everything. That Sunday we went to church, just that small outing left me drained. Monday I rested all day and Tuesday – the day we were to leave – my wife packed everything and took care of most things. I went to the store, I was worried. Still feeling nauseous. Still wearing out quickly. Still very worn. With my wife and kids and dogs all tucked in a cabin with me and my dad giving me reassuring updates on the cats constantly I began to unwind. There were no deadlines, no pressure, no hustle. I rested and relaxed and felt better – OMGoodness I felt better!

We camped until Friday when we packed up and returned home. It’s good to be here, it’s nice to finally start 2014 FOR REAL. I missed the cats, but most of all I feel – mentally – like me again. I can’t believe I was sick for three weeks, I can’t believe I missed working out for three weeks or that I didn’t grocery shop for two weeks! I am just so grateful to God that my wife was able to stay healthy and get us all through this. I have also taken away a big lesson – I took naps, I slept in, I let the kids make sandwiches, I let my wife cook her own breakfast, I didn’t workout, I skipped the grocery shopping – and the world didn’t end. Lesson here – every once in a while I can take a break and let my family help. In the end resting earlier than later probably would have really lessened the down time…


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