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Keep running, and running, and running…

on January 7, 2014

Upon waking up and feeling like me again probably my third thought on January 1, 2014 was, “I have to get back to running!” We were in a beautiful little cabin with trees and sun and a thin trickle of a river with sandy banks in a sleepy little mostly vacant campground – and I strapped on my Polar, laced up my Asics and went for a “run.” I say “run” that way because I was slow. Slower than I have been in years.

I averaged a 11 minute mile. I was not the killer machine I was a month ago. I could only run for roughly 15 minutes at a time, and then ten. It felt good to be out there, but I realized several things – quickly.

  • Just because I am mentally doing better and physically coming along I am in no way back to myself! I am still weak, still run out of steam quickly and still having a rough time catching my breath.
  • Three weeks of not working out and pretty much sleeping has left my body rusted and aching and PAINFULLY aware of my fibro and arthritis. My joints and muscles and skin – everything hurts. Hurts badly!
  • This could be a long recovery, made longer by my chronic illnesses, and my inability to pace myself. I can’t just go-go-go, I have to go, expect the most of myself and also rest.
  • Being sick and not able to move and be myself has left me with a lot of unfocused mental energy which is trying hard to return to anxiety as it is used to doing. Anxiety adds to the problem so I need to pray that all away!!!

So, I am going to be moving forward carefully. Striving hard for balance, which I am not so great with. I am a hot/cold, on/off, up/down kind of girl… Balance will be my challenge!


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