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2014 Calendar mini project!

on January 10, 2014

My wife has a calendar hanging in her bathroom – wait, let me tell you about her bathroom. In this house of home schooling, and kids, and five cats, and two dogs and ME – the artist – there is a bot of disarray. I mean, text books and papers and puppy toys and games and – well, if you name it we got it somewhere in the house and chances are it is not where it belongs! lol My adorable wife likes the – what I call – magazine lifestyle. You know, uber organized and very minimal. When we moved in I gave her the bathroom attatched to the master as her space to keep as organized and minimal as she so desired! She gets up in the morning and she gets to be all zen as she gets dressed, she has messages written on her mirror and she has a calendar that she updates on the wall. Last year her calendar came from work, knowing it was a new year I picked her up this wall calendar of pathways. Beautiful places and spaces that are balanced, some out in nature and some in gardens. I knew she would love it.

When I got home and showed it to her and she loved the pictured, but delivered some bad news. “I already have a new one from work.” The work ones are very large and allow a lot of planning space. She decided to take the one I bought to work, which is great – it will help her visualize a beautiful place when work is ugly. 🙂 Because it was going to work and I knew that she can get stressed I decided to highlight scriptures each month. I already had a lot of supplies out so I also added little pictures of fun times we have had as a family!


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