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The Documented Life Project 2014 – weeks 1 & 2

on January 10, 2014

If you are one of those blog readers who understands and is able to follow and connect to a bunch of blogs then you probably already know about The Documented Life Project – I had not until literally the weekend before January started so I was a bit behind ordering my planner to use. Basically the woman who started the whole thing has done what I know many artist have done, but she figured out how to do it in a really relate-able way.

Here is what I mean: I am a home schooling mother – always making plans, organizing our time, looking into how to get better at that. I am an artist – always have a half dozen sketch books going, paintings in progress, and am discovering new mediums. I am a writer – always jotting ideas, scribbling thoughts, blogging, and journaling. I am a Christian – always picking up new scriptures I love, having new thoughts, writing down ideas and concepts. I am a scrap booker – never scraping because I got overwhelmed. In fact most of these things I love so much, but often do none because it all gets so hectic. Several times I have started art journals – prayer journals – art calanders… trying to figure out how to minimize my bag full of crazy. Seriously, sketch books and planners and journals and pens and supplies – OMGoodness it was all so crazy! However, the woman who started this project kind of figured it out.

She starts you with a Moleskine planner and then adds pages – think making your planner into an organized smash book. Then you do what you want or you do the weekly prompts. I am looking forwad to the weekly prompts helping me stay creative even when I am not “feeling” it! I am also totally stoked because – you guys know me – you know I am kind of addicted to new crafting relationships and I suffer from head over heels craft lust! My head was swimming with all the new bits and dodads I would need! Then I got real – I don’t have a heavenly craft room. I have an open kitchen/dinning room, and it serves as my classroom, art room, desk, sewing room and kitchen/dining room. I thought, I should purge my unused stash. Upon taking on this task I realized that I have some seriously cool things I am just not usually able to use for lack of time or space. I made the commitment to only use things I have already with some exceptions of tools that break (my paper cutter) and things needed (lighter paper as all of my watercolor paper is too thick to work all year!)


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