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The Documented Life Project – setting up my planner.

on January 13, 2014

I am learning a lot as I start this project, and I am really trying to enjoy the learning and the imperfectness of it all. There was this one moment when I thought, “It’s the beginning still, I can start all over.” I actually looked at Barnes & Noble for a new planner. As I was standing there looking it hit me that I needed to just stay with it and to really experience the THIS planner. I would learn and have ideas for next year, making things work better for me. Thing is, I will take all these ideas into my next planner, but there will still be changes made… I think that is kind of part of this. For me, at least, it’s the constant learning and altering and rolling with it!

The monthly tabs are a great example. I was all like great now I need a tab punch and looked on line for a while. Discouraged by  the prices I just kind of let it go and the I had an idea. I would make my tabs and my “month view” calendar pages the same. I began hunting for the perfect printable calendars, and I found them! I printed the calendars from Hello, cuteness! and they even came with matching To Do lists.

Now I have my pages inserted and my tabs all taken care of!


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