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Winter Ballet Concert 2014

on January 15, 2014

winter concert 2014 (12)Lou ♥’s winter concert was last Thursday and, once again, I was blown away! The program she dances in is a free program (open to anyone 6-18) taught by the New Orleans Ballet Association. Lou ♥ has been in dance since she was three, but she always kind of hated it. The over worked costumes, the stage, the music. She just never felt comfortable. We had gotten to a place where it was like, “Will you like it if we just skip the review?”

Then we found ballet, she was finally old enough to take the stand alone ballet class and that is what she did. She fell in love. She was still stage-shy, but she loved the dancing. The next year her dance school canceled the class due to not enough interest in classical ballet. She was devastated. Thankfully we heard about this program and she started right away. Immediately she was more comfortable than she had ever been, actually looking forward to going even though she now had two classes a week instead of one. Within weeks she had learned more than in all the years that she had been in “dancing school” and they actually required the children to listen and behave. My oldest really loves that type of environment. Within the first month I got what I thought would be very bad news, this program had not just one but THREE shows. One of which was in January. I expected my Lou ♥ to fall apart, but when it came to January she was super stoked and enjoyed the whole thing. She felt good because she knew the dance and felt prepared (two classes a week and a program that required the children to LEARN.)

It wasn’t just a new experience for her, but for me as well. First, instead of the costly dance wear these classes required the girls to wear black leos and pink tights with pink ballet shoes. Those shoes are worn for the concerts as well, not specially bought shoes of a certain color. Also, not only was the recital cost free, but the costumes were provided by the program on loan for the night. The cost was the least of the difference. These children were ready and they danced beautifully for 3-4 minutes on stage, not 30 seconds. This was also the first time I had ever gotten to be “surprised” by the dance. At the dance school I had seen it so many times, but in this program the girls are treated like mini ballerinas and they are at a different level of independence.

I was thrilled when my daughter begged to go back and she has gone back every year since (three years now.)

This performance, however, was different. She is so tall and her grace and poise just blew me away. My heart broke it was so swollen with pride and love. She is becoming a little woman, and she is one I am proud of and happy to call my daughter!


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