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Thrifting Thursday

on January 16, 2014

Or, the alternative title to this post:

Shut up!

Yeah, remember when I was all making plans for regular features like this on the blog. Dang, that was last year and pre-The Great Flu of 2013! (Bdubbs, me and mine will be getting flu shots from this point on, k-thanks!) Anywho, I finally got back to the thrify goodness of the Goodwill here in my parish and it was by complete accident!

My loving honey had the afternoon off and decided to join me for my grocery shopping. On the way to our first stop I was like, “Oh, you haven’t gone to Goodwill yet.” Her eyes lit up, she is a thrifting queen. I told her it had to be quick and we took the detour. We were in and out in record time, scoring a pair of jeans for her and as we were on our way out the most amazeballs rolling skates EVER. (Maybe, just MAY. BE. ever is an overstatement, but if it is it is only slightly!)skates And, you’re welcome! No, but seriously, these are THE skates I would have picked if I was picking skates. That may sound random, but as my kids love to skate I have been wanting a pair to go with them. I just haven’t wanted to spend 45-70 bucks on a pair of skates. These babies, these wonderfully blue and yellow (my high school colors coincidentally) suede, near perfect condition, like-new babies, were 7.99 – SEVEN DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS!!!! Heaven!



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