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The Documented Life Project – wk 3

on January 21, 2014

Week three challenge was to use an envelope from your mailbox – thankfully I have a bunch of cuteness kept from my swapping days. This envie was the inspiration for my whole page color scheme. This week I experienced several firsts – this was the first time I used gesso to prime anything, though I have had my gesso for flipping years. This was also the first time I worked on a project IN my book, instead of creating it and then inserting the finished project.

As for the gesso – aside from having to wait for it to dry (which I am no good at) I really liked the way it worked and will probably prime most of my future projects. I will, of course, keep you updated! As far as the whole “working in the book” thing, I am not so sure. It’s nice to have a fat book, a complete book and to have it all even as I start, but I don’t really like feeling restricted to creating what will be able or easy to create INSIDE the book… We shall see!!!


One response to “The Documented Life Project – wk 3

  1. robenmarie says:

    So happy to have you joining us on this journey! Your envie was perfect…bright and colorful! 🙂

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