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Man up. (As long as I don’t break a nail.)

on January 23, 2014

Life. It just keeps trucking, doesn’t matter if you are busy or tired or not feeling well. Want a great daily reminder, just skip your yard work. Our yard has been barely hanging on. Thankfully the front is staying heat due to the crazy cold, but the back has been filling up with leaves. My better half has been so busy and the early night fall has equated to her not being home at a time to actually tend to the yard. The other day, for whatever reason – I thank God – I was hit with the thought, “I should handle this.” Though in the house I am still playing catch up from my month-long absence from the living I chose to forgo laundry and attack the leaves. OMGosh, the leaves!!!

It was like a whole other world out there, the grass was still green hidden deep under a six inch layer of leaves! I raked for three hours and there were still bit of leaves all over! lol Mavis, darling! joined me. She was saddened by the fact that playing in the leaves isn’t the same as in cartoons or movies, especially since we have large dogs who use the yard for their, uh, business! Yikes!

While I was out there my dear Mavis, darling! found a baby mouse darting in and out of the leaves. It was a teeny field mouse, though we have no fields to note around my house. I caught it for the kids to look at using an old cookie cup (cleaned) we fed it apple and lettuce, gave it water and thought about building it a fabulous habitat. Only, Little Squeak died shortly after. I think that he was dying, which would explain why I was able to catch him without any particular ninja skill.

All together it was a good day (Squeak died later in the evening) of learning and cleaning and taking care of the homestead! 😉


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