the Trigger-happy housewife

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on January 27, 2014

This Sunday we actually had the pleasure of my wife joining us for the day. Our church held it’s annual congregational meeting at a local restaurant and everyone had breakfast and visited. The children were well behaved and the company was lovely. We addressed some church business and then we were off. My family and I decided to go to a Pit Bull Awareness & Adoption event to show our support for the breed and the people working so hard to help them. We met so many wonderful dogs and people, we also picked up a new harness for Paisley and a few treats for the pups!

The highlight of the afternoon was Tia Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees coming to meet and greet. She took a picture with our family, signed pictures for me and the girls and was kind enough to sign Pai’s new harness!

BTW one of the samples we got were Yummy Chummies and Pai – who doesn’t usually like treats – LOVED them!


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