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The Documented Life Project – wk 4

on January 28, 2014

This week’s prompt was “A hidden or secret message to yourself.” I have been really focused on forgiveness, and the work of forgiving… It’s heavy in my spirit and I am working out a LONG blog on it – still. lol So, under my painting and “Forgiven” plaque is a scripture message to myself… It’s a secret, I can’t share it!tdlp (1)Also, I have joined a group of artist, doing mainly the same thing but without a dedicated planner, called Journal52. I have decided to follow along and use the prompts there in my planner as well. They release their prompts at the end of the week so it works out nicely. Week 4 here at TDLP is week 3 over on Journal52 (J52 from now on.) This week’s J52 prompt was “What makes you smile?” so I did a little water color of my family!

I did my catch up paintings for J52 as small watercolors that I can add into my planner wherever they seem to fit!


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