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You NEED a pig!

on February 4, 2014
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This little guy is named Bacon Bits and he was so cute! I posted this picture to FB and I swear that it got the biggest reaction. I think most of my friends thought, “This girl done and added a pig to the mix.’ I have not! lol

Look, I have been to some kid parties – I have BEEN TO THEM! I have smiled through the long and the tedious, I have lived the utter disappointment of a headlining clown who was just not fun or the party at Chuck E. Cheese when almost EVERYTHING there is out of order and Chuck doesn’t come in for work. With two kids I have a combined total of twenty years invested in the ups and downs of children’s parties so when my cousin sent out an invite with “petting zoo” listed I hoped for the best while fulling believing the worst…

My girls, however, were all about the petting zoo. That’s how it is, they just forget all about previous disappointments and then BAM they get slammed by them all over again! On the morning of the party we had a lot going on, including a 3 a.m. wake up time due to car issues. Still, by 10 a.m. the girls were ready to rock. As aggravating as an early party may seem in theory it was really nice to be there in the morning, to have the rest of the day to just shake itself out… Lou ♥ was a wee restless, like she was regretting coming to a five year olds party. My cousin is an amazing party planner and she did not let anyone down, within minutes of the party starting even Lou ♥ was having a blast. When the animals arrived it almost didn’t matter if it was one little sad goat because the rest of the party was such a success.

Much to my surprise it was a blast! The animals were cute, sweet, friendly and plentiful. The staff was interested and attentive! The whole experience was wonderful, and even MORE SO for my kids! lol

The group who brought the animals Zoo 2 You – the run a summer camp and I think I am totes going to enroll the kids in a week!!!

Bdubbs, my wife has been on this “pigs are great pets” kick for-EVER and when I sent that picture of me and the pig to her in a text she responded, “You are SO hot and you NEED a pig.” Uh, lady, flattery will get you everywhere BUT a pig! lol


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