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Friday 5 ~ Villains!

on February 7, 2014

The return of an old fun friend, the Friday 5! This one is villains, I do want to mention that one of the things that made me leave the Friday 5 was that I was CONSTANTLY trying to edit my list. It’s hard, however, with all the Sonyas in my head to really and truly come up with an all time list. We compile a list and then BAM another Sonya saunters in and is all, “What about blah, blah, blah…” and the whole dang list ha sto be shuffled and rethought. SO these list are list that are made from the Sonyas present at the time of discussion AND are subject to change. (Though there are a few ALL TIME WE ALL AGREE ON THIS things – one of which is in this post.)

So without further delay, Friday 5 ~ Villains:

  1. Orange Is The New Black (TV not book) Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett

    Pensatucky is my “This villain is straight cray-cray” villain. Selected due to her performance and her characters window into a true (albeit exaggerated) issue with many religious fanatics.

    While Pensatucky is in the book, her character in the show take a HUGE and wildly interesting turn. She is a chillingly insane look into when a drug warped mind finds “Christianity” and infamy due to our world of Internet pop culture. She is awful, but Taryn plays this role amazingly and to the fullest!

  2. The Little Mermaid (Disney) Ursula as Vanessa

    Ah, the villain I most relate to. If I were a villain of the Disney type – here I am.

    The fat girl inside, the wicked-juicy-tawdry-sexy-cool-awesome-bad-chunky girl inside, I have come to realize that she will ALWAYS be there. This May will make four year that I have been on a journey to health and three years that I have been 100 pounds lighter – however the fatty in me, she still exists – still fights for equal time with the mouth – still wants to rock chubby chic – still sings deep bass songs! Sometimes it truly feels like the body I have is some black magic disguise all about to fall apart. Does that make any sense?

  3. The Last Unicorn (book or film) King Haggard/The Red Bull

    The villain I most wanted to hold hands and make it all okay for.

    King Haggard controlled The Red Bull, he sent it to all the ends of the earth to collect the worlds most beautiful and magical creatures – the unicorn. He did this because he was so lonely, so sad and so disconnected that the thought of this magic being free in the world broke his heart more than he could bare. By capturing the unicorns he could feel something when he looked at them, he felt as if he could be happy. Sometimes the idea that you could be happy is even bigger than actually being happy, because when you lose the hope of happiness what is there left? When I was young I loved the art, the unicorn and the story – as I got older I fell for King Haggard, I got it – I had lost hope of happieness and beautiful things hurt me. I would have stolen all the unicorns as well.

  4. 101 Dalmatians (Disney) Cruella de Vil

    The villain most likely to be in my story today.

    So typical of people, why not make a coat of baby puppies when we make them of all the sweet innocent animals… I have no issue with people who hunt and trap and use the animal skin and meat – but fur, when we have options that look the same, that feel the same, that don’t require killing. Why?

  5. The NeverEnding Story’s The Nothing

    The very thing that nightmares are made of!!!

    THIS IS MY ALL TIME VILLAIN!!! This wolf-thing haunted my life – scared the bejeesus out of me. Like, always have to have a light on, always have to have a blanket over my entire body – weird fear!


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