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Figuring it out, one thing at a time.

on February 12, 2014

I know there have been more references to Fibro than normal, and that is because I have been dealing with it more like the first few years lately. If you don’t know what Fibromyalgia is then I invite you to look it up, but be warned there are MANY theories out there and many different stories. For me I will give you a “think of it this way” little exercise: imagine that everyone starts the day with a certain amount of energy credits, we will say the average person gets 25. A high energy person gets 30, a less energized person gets 20 – average, 25. You wake up, take a shower, make breakfast and drive thirty minutes to work – you just used 4 credits. Work eight hours and drive home – 9 credits. Do a load of laundry, help the kids with homework, make dinner, eat dinner, load the dishwasher, straighten the kitchen, give two kids a bath and then get ready for bed – 9 credits. You now have used 22 credits – so you could have maybe worked out, or painted something or whatever you may have wanted to do. Now, if you have Fibromyalgia you woke today and it is a kind of good day – you get 15 energy credits. (Bad day, you get 8-10 credits.) Suddenly you have to be very careful about where you use them, how you use them and even then you may run out before all the things you need to do are done. When that happens you push yourself, you over draw your account – basically you write checks your body can not possibly cash. Then it all falls down, the harder the push the longer the recovery. Life has a cost and you never have enough to pay.

I do want to mention here that there are many other aspects of Fibromyalgia other than fatigue including pain, aches, stiffness, anxiety and for many people depression. This post is just focused on the day to day real life obstetrical of living with chronic illness. This is MY view and others with the same illness will have their own experiences. You should NEVER compare – ie. She has fibro and she still cleans. or That woman has the same illness and she can’t walk so you must not have it. Okay, thank you!

In late November/early December I began to get sick, I had so many plans and obligations. I just pushed, I literally pushed until I collapsed into feverish coma-like state. I was scared, I was really bad and when I pulled through THREE WEEKS LATER I was in a bad place of Fibromyalgia. I have been there, with better days and very bad days. I have been pushing to gain my strength back, my endurance and my energy credits. It has been a surprisingly slow road, full of break downs and set backs. I feel a little lost, a little confused. I have been looking for ways to make things better and I decided one of the big ones was that I wanted a smaller vacuum. I know, it seems random. It isn’t.

One of the bigger things about an illness or anything that prevents you from living your life “normally” is when the little things start to add up. I am always particularly bothered by not being able to open the peanut butter. It is such a little easy thing, it makes me truly feel my weakness. On a grander scale when my bad days stretch and you can see them in my house, in the dust or the clutter or the laundry pile – I feel bad for my family, who must suffer an ill mom and who deserves so much better… It gets very dramatic in my head. So, I wanted a new and easier vacuum. Something easy to just get the job done. I picked out a BISSELL Featherweight Stick Vacuum that is so perfect I can’t explain it!


BISSELL 3106Q Featherweight Stick Vacuum – LIFE CHANGING!!!

Seriously, it weighs a little over three pound and it is easy to steer around. I leave it set up and I use it once a day. My other vacuum is this complicated thing with a canister you have to throw over your shoulder and carry around. It is big and has to be put away in a closet. It is heavy, so I am literally carrying around more than ten pounds while I am trying to move it around my house. To take it out and use it would easily cost 3 energy credits. Often I didn’t finish and more often I didn’t put it back away, it just sat there and got in the way of everything.

This vacuum is so easy, I can use it and it takes about 1 energy credit to move it all over this house. It is also fun, because it is so light and quick. The kids are even interested. I was talking about how I really want the house to be vacuumed daily and how I hope one day I can get that done. They both volunteered to vacuum rotate with me so now we each take a day and things are easier. Is it weird that changing my vacuum could change the whole day? Maybe to some it is, but I am fully aware of how small changes can change your whole life. Luckily my wife understands, as she has gone through this all with me. This new vacuum cost us less than twenty dollars, but still I felt a bit of guilt asking for it. We have one that works, it just doesn’t work for me now. We are keeping it for deep cleaning days, for getting cat hair off the couch and for big cleans which this little stick vac is not made for. My wife was so pleased when she came home today, not only because her house was pretty straight and her floors vacuumed, but because her wife was not completely destroyed and crying on the couch. No, I was sitting next to a micro load of laundry. I was taking it slow and spending my credits in the most effective way.


3 responses to “Figuring it out, one thing at a time.

  1. tlohuis says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t even vacuum anymore, so I think I just might have to get me one of these. I can’t stand waiting for someone else to vacuum the floor. Just taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning takes most of my energy credits. Sigh………………………..I sure wish more people understood this horrible disease.:)

    • Well, I should be honest and say to you that I don’t shower in the morning or change out of my pjs – for exactly that reason! lol it really is great to have something light and not painful to work with!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!

      • tlohuis says:

        Well, I must be honest and tell you that I don’t either unless I have to. I usually have at least 3-5 appointments of some sort every week and if I have to get up and out of the house then to the shower I head and then I have to get dressed. LOL Shhhhhhhhhhh………….we don’t have to tell everyone. LOL as we’re chatting in front of the whole world. However, I am supposed to be working on getting to the shower and getting dressed every day. I did yesterday and it’s not happening today. I’m feeling better emotionally today, physically, not so much, but I’m keeping myself busy with this blogging and distracting myself so I’m not constantly focusing on the pain. Some days the pain is so bad that there is nothing distracting enough, but today I’m “better.” I hope you’re feeling “better” today, too. Vacuum away, girl! I really got get me one of those.:)

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