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Let me just be honest.

on February 13, 2014

Here are a few facts: I have two children, five cats, two medium dogs, and a bird in this house. I have a wife who works well over 60 hours a week. I cook, clean, and home school. On top of all of that I have fibromyalgia and suffer migraines pretty regularly. It’s a full load with it’s own set of limitations. A blessed life, that often looks like this: DSC02625Yep. That is the picture of progress. Laundry in its constant state of being sorted so that it can be washed with it’s cousins not its friends. Art (for which there is no real place in this house) being created on a craft table made of folding TV trays. A slept on sofa with memories of bedding still spilling off and a beautiful puppy waiting for a walk. On occasion however, things begin to shift into place and yesterday was a minor miracle in that I was feeling less pain than I have been in for the last two month. I had the beginning of a migraine hit, but that didn’t happen until the evening. DSC02631With so many animals the key is truly to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the hair, if I am sick or too busy or out of the house with school for a week it looks like we have kittens and puppies running around this place. That is how bad the hair balls can be. For that reason this house has to be vacuumed – daily, but if not at least every three days. My new vacuum allows that to happen, thank God. Now the children are even interested in vacuuming so we have a system – three day cycles – me, Lou ♥, Mavis, darling! and on the days that I vacuum I also steam mop (if I physically can.) Yesterday, while I didn’t have it in me to steam the whole house, I did spot clean until I ran out of energy! I also have made some changes to laundry, with the idea that some is way better than none when it comes to a possibly naked family! I have started to do much smaller loads. Much smaller. This is helpful for several reasons: 1) They are lighter and therefore easier to move about. I can pick up a small load even in a bit of pain or when the pain is concentrated in my arms and hands. 2) They take a lot less energy to move through the cycle. I can sit and fold a small load, without exhausting myself. I can put them away without feeling completely wiped out. 3) They take a lot less time to get through the wash and dry cycle, which helps me not get distracted too bad and forget them. DSC02632Clearly I still have a bit of work to do, but I am proud of my efforts, I am proud that this much got done. (The kids also got to class, and I sit there with them and actually teach like a teacher in a class room. Everyone got three meals, including Jambalaya for dinner. I blogged, and ran my Lou ♥ to dancing.) I am out of energy credits, nothing else extra will be done for a few days, and even the necessary may be scheduled around naps and cold compresses working through this migraine. This is my life, in constant progress and movement. This is what it really looks like. I will never be a mom who judges another mom for her sofa full of laundry or an untidy bathroom. I will never look down on another mom for skipping the home cooked meal in favor of a pizza night (in fact we have a pizza night scheduled soon.) I will never be a mom who makes other moms jealous with her magical way of handling everything! I am not sure I would want to be. I hope I am relate-able, I hope I am comfortable,  I hope I am an inspiration – but I never want it to seem like I am anything more than what I am. An often overwhelmed, ADD mother with a handle on what is most important and a healthy attitude about all the rest!

And because the WHOLE house can’t find harmony at once – this is my kitchen. Thankfully my girls will help me tackle that in the morning!DSC02623


2 responses to “Let me just be honest.

  1. Liz Couture says:

    I can so relate. The last couple of months have been very painful for me too
    It takes a strong person to get as much done as you do while dealing with your pain.
    I like your solution to the laundry, I will have to try it, who would have thought laundry would be so physically hard to do.
    I enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  2. LilBadGurl says:

    all i can say is its nice to see a normal home mess n all thanks i needed that

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