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A cookie for my sweets!

on February 19, 2014

Paisley has been with our family for a year as of Valentine’s Day! She was scooped up off the streets on February 1st from what I can tell of her records. She had been hit by a car, broken ribs, cuts and abrasions all over her sweet underweight little body. Our boy, Wiley, was also found in February. February 22nd of 2012, he was starving, had a deep wound that wrapped around his neck (from a chain or rope) and was heart worm positive.

Both of our babies are so loved and I try not to think of the life they had before our family. It’s hard when daily things trigger a fear reaction that is so completely over the top you know it comes from the damage of another life. Like, the other day my wife was using the hammer and when she walked in the house with it Paisley almost lost her mind in fear, running to her kennel and crying. It took her the whole afternoon to go near my wife again. Those things happen, and I think to myself, “I will fill them with so many happy memories they have no room for the bad!”

We take car rides, just because. We cuddle, all the time. We go for walks, and jogs. We celebrate the month of their rescue – puppy party style! This month I made cookies they could eat, though I am working out a cake recipe!!!

It’s one banana to every half cup of oats, and every half cup of oats makes three cookies. I doubled it to make six (three for each puppy.) This is also my human recipe – though for humans you can add raisins, or a tablespoon of Ovaltine to make chocolate cookies!


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