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Sqeeze it!

on February 20, 2014

Is space an issue in your house? It totally should not be here, but it is. Seems like there is so much STUFF. I found the best way to deal with this. SQUEEZE IT SILLY! Clearly I did not invent Space Bags. Clearly I am not an early comer to the Space Bag movement. I am here now, and I am so going to stay!

Recently I told my wife that I wanted to get space bags to help with our dear Lou ♥’s stuffed animal problem. Girl is just like me and she keeps everything, so unlike my little Mavis, darling! who either takes it apart and then trashes it or plays so hard that it falls apart. (It being anything she has ever or will ever own! lol) After thinking about the Space Bags for Lou ♥ they were on my mind and I kept find other needs. Finally I ordered them and I am in love! Not only do they work, but they are so fun they actually inspired me to keep going through things. I used the biggest bag for my wedding dress and the dresses the girls wore. I used a gigantic cube style bag for Lou ♥’s animals. I used a bag for all her old dance costumes, the girls play dress up in them and use them for costumes but not often enough for them to take up as much space in her closet as they were. I also decided to pack up all my clothes I don’t fit in right now. That’s not a fair statement, I still fit in my clothes I just don’t like how I fit in them. Anything that I wont wear right now because I am uncomfortable with my body got put up and I have decided that when it is time to dig into them then I am TOSSING all the things I am wearing now! (I will never need my “fat” clothes again!


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