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Friday 5 ~ Fears.

on February 28, 2014
  1. Spiders. – my grandfather was bit by a spider when I was a kid and he dealt with that bite rotting away at his leg for the rest of his life. It would swell and heal and swell and heal. I remember that everyone made a big deal out of the fact that he got bit merely crossing the lawn and for ages I was terrified of walking through grass.
  2. Water I can’t see through. – I live in the bayous, I know all about what lives in the water. Alligators, which I was plenty scared of long before my teacher told me a horrific story about how they can practically disappear in front of you in the murky water!!! Bull sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, crabs… the list could go on forever.
  3. Escalators. – As a baby I was injured on an escalator when I tripped getting off, I wound up with a gnarly scrap. That in turn made me hesitate to get on one the next time and I stood terrified as my mother drifted away from me. Two bad experiences equals total fear!
  4. Scary movies. – I get that you might be like, “Duh!” with this one, but seriously I can’t stand scary movies. I get sick to my stomach and I am unable to sleep forever. Its made worse by the fact that I close my eyes and then my imagination goes along with the sound! TERRIFYING!!!
  5. Blood. – Make me seriously freak out! My own blood makes me ill, I just can’t deal with it!

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