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Four WHOLE weeks behind.

on March 11, 2014

Yep, that is me. Four whole weeks behind in my life journaling. How did this happen? I can tell you! It was a combo of my fibro flaring so bad that I could bare force my way through things that HAD to happen, much less extras like art and a prompt that I didn’t care about at all. When those two things met and began dating I just lost my entire interest. Add to it the fact that I HATE going out of order, so by the time I might have wanted to create I was two weeks behind and you have our situation today!

Here are the things I am working on:

TDLP wk 8 – Add a flap to your flap; Journal52 wk 7 – “When I grow up”

TDLP wk 9 – Collage something you recycled; Journal52 wk 8 – “Found poetry”

TDLP wk 10 – Make a list of things that make you YOU; Journal52 wk 9 – “Color swatch”

TDLP wk 11 – Draw, photo, or collage a bird on your page; Journal52 wk 10 – “Art for a CAUSE”

Honestly, I want to catch up but not one of these inspires anything. Blah, time to just start doing and let inspiration find me working.


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