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A tip for a tip!

on March 12, 2014

People always comment on the fact that I bake cookies for the kids, I cook for my family, and I don’t snack on it all while I do it. I used to, it was easy to just bite here, taste there, and by the time it was all ready I felt as if I had eaten and then I ate again! lol NOT GOOD! I will tell you  that once I broke the habit it was easy to just not put a bit in my mouth here or there, but still on days when I am starving while I cook it gets a twee difficult! That is when I bust out the celery – yep, celery is a great crunchy snack at any time but due to its strong indiviual flavor you really can’t accidentally pop a  cookie in your mouth on top of it. I love celery, but mixed with anything other than mustard, salsa or maybe peanut butter it can make anything gross! (Obvi – I am not talking about a a dish with raw celery in it…)

Great tip, Little Fat, (sorry, that was my weight loss blogging name so I just switch back to it when I am food blogging) but who wants to chop celery when they need to be making dinner – cookies – baking – whatever! That is where the tip for the tip comes in!


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