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March 17, 2014

I have never gotten the entire house clean, I probably wont for a long time. Not when there is school to teach, family to feed, five cats and two dogs to chase around. Not when we have to wear clothes while I wash everything – therefor never actually is all the laundry done. Not when as I clean dishes more mouths need food – therefor the dishes are always dominating. However, I have several things worked out. Vacuuming is a daily thing that while it doesn’t happen DAILY it happens as daily as I can (5 out of seven days ain’t bad!) Dishes get done daily, often two loads a day – unless we are out of the house. Laundry is weekly – used to take me days to do, but now I wash and the wife folds so I expect two days at the most.
I want to implement two days a week to steam clean the house, but that is a rougher thing so I am aiming for one day and hoping to build up! I still have so much to go through and organize, once that happens I will take this goal off the list!


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