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A day trip to the city!

on March 18, 2014

Recently my wife left her job. There was a lot that went into that decision and a lot that we have been dealing with for over a year. Was it scary? A little, right before she left. She didn’t have anything lined up and it was twee uncomfortable. In the end she had to get with God, and I had to get with her. What I mean by that is that when she said to me that she felt she was told to move on by God I prayed and prayed to get the same word. I didn’t. What I got was to stand by her. I went to her and I said, “I am not able to say that I got that word, though I begged God to give it to me so we could be on the same page. What I can say is that I trust you, I am aligning myself with you and I will stand by you no matter your decision.”

Once we got on that page it was all uphill. Seriously, despite the fact there was no new job lined up and there really wasn’t enough money for more than a few weeks of bills, we were better. The healing started as soon as the phone call was made. We tithed her final paycheck just like we would have, tithing is not optional in my mind. We decided to live as if all things were taken care of (because they are, thank God!) To grocery shop and enjoy our lives. Me and the children went about our days, my wife would wake up put out applications and then tend to the house which needed her attention badly considering that she had been working so much so long that many things needed to be done.

Through as series of amazing events God provided an amazing job at an amazing company that values hard work, GOOD work and their employees. Basically – life will never be what it was, it will always be getting better! 11 days after leaving a very sad and scary situation she was introduced to her new employer, five days later she was on the schedule for Friday the 14th. We had had a little more than two weeks together as a family, we were able to reconnect, laugh, pray, cry and work through all the muck that was weighing life down. To begin healing as a unit, after such a long and rough time in life. Knowing she was going back to work we decided to take that last day off and spend it with the kids doing something big and fun! We headed straight into our amazing city to find an educational good time!

My wife, being the provider, is often at work while I am blessed to spend the days teaching my kids. When they were in school I was the field trip parent, my wife missed a lot of that. Our family time is so precious and we love the company of the kids. I am so blessed to have a partner that wants to include the kids on date night and wants to spend out time with them as well – so, it was extra nice to be able to take my wife to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. The girls and I have been there several times, but it was her first and our first time without a time limit. We just walked around reading and touching and having a blast! After we walked three blocks to eat at Subway and we laughed and talked and it is just so fun to have the girls be at an age where it really is a dialog and they are seriously so humorous! lol

They thought that was the end, but as we walked to the lot we had parked in we kept on walking and took them to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas to really immerse ourselves in fun and learning. Each time they asked a question we would look and read the plaques and if we couldn’t find the answer we decided to look it up once we got home. (However, most were forgotten by then so next time we are bringing a notebook! lol)


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