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Oxyclean? Not everything…

on March 24, 2014

THIS IS YOUR WARNING: If you discover Oxyclean and you are like me and fall in love with its magical clean. If you then begin to clean everything with your new love. If you use it on your laundry and your sink and your toilet and your shower and you think, “Oh, my floors!” That is when you STOP! You must stop, or you will get this:

Um, yeah! I was all, “I am so gonna clean my floors!” I cleaned the house, rearranged the furniture and I vacuumed everything. Proud and happy I mixed up a batch of water-y pasty Oxyclean and I dropped to my hands and knees. Bang! Bang! Bang! I am just scrubbing all over! I am hot and sweaty and tired and really, really worn down when I am done. I stand and observe my work. My house is sparling! I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD! I made a drink and I joined my girls who were playing outside.

We laughed, we made up games and I then I came back inside. I strolled to my living area where I found white patches everywhere I had scrubbed. No sweat, I reach into my magic bag and took out my steamer. I steam/scrubbed my whole floor and smiled again. Only an hour latter I had not cleaned my cleaning spots, I had simply spread them all over the land! What? Yep – you really should avoid Oxyclean on the floor. When I Googled it to get help I found many such stories. There you go, you’re welcome! lol


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