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It never ends, and then it does!

on March 25, 2014


When I do laundry I think to myself as I sort all the bits into like piles. I think, “That’s it, we will all be nudist!” and I go about my sorting and washing only to triumph over it and find that as I washed every scrap of clothing I also wore some and therefor there is still dirty clothes in the house!

So it is with dishes! I cook several times a day – once for my wife before she leaves, I also make her lunch at that point; I cook breakfast for me and the kids later; I cook lunch and dinner. This means that all day I am generating new dirty dishes. Most of the time this is no big deal, sometimes I get so frustrated I want to scream!

This morning – I did something about it! I got to the bottom of the sink, and I Oxycleaned it! That’s right!


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