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“He could cut my grass.”

on March 28, 2014

It was something I would say about guys (and girls) as a means of expressing how physically attractive they were. It meant, “I wouldn’t mind looking at that for a long time. Not so pretty that they have to be a nasty person and cute enough to enjoy life with.” (That is the best I can do with a literal interpretation.) Anyway, THAT is all different now that I actually have lawn service! lol

My wife, the amazing provider that she is, works ALL THE TIME and it became clear that she needs help. I pick up the extra I can but I can not pick up the grass cutting. It’s just too much. Finally after much thought I found a lawn service, nice guys and sure they not bad looking 😉 but the real clincher is that they do great work at an affordable price! Seriously!

I was so pleased with my yard that I ran right out and decorated my would-be garden with some beautiful colors!


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