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Playing house Tetris, again.

on April 7, 2014

You know, when you shift – beep, beep, beep – and flip – beep, beep, beep – until things fit just right! That’s what we have been doing and finally we had to go outside the homeland and buy a couch. Need is a strange word, clearly I don’t need a couch the way I need air or food. Clearly, but space is at a premium in this house with the animals and what with the kids becoming little grownups. Anywho, we just could not give up a whole half the house to a couch so the sectional had to leave. The wife picked up a sofa for fifty bucks a year ago when she was working out of town and sleeping in the office so we decided to bring it into the living room and we gave our sectional away. Yep, gave it and it felt great!

Only it wasn’t long until I realized that the one, old and not very comfy couch was not going to work as the only place to sit in the whole house. Nope. We gave that one away and we started looking and it became clear that what we needed was the comfort and size of a sectional when we were using it and then the compactness of the a smaller couch when not in use. Fold-able couch? That sound a lot like a reclining couch! One huge part of redefining the space in our front room is now complete!


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