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A change in the air.

on April 21, 2014

(Forgive me if this doesn’t seem too “together” it’s four in the morning Easter Sunday. I’m too excited to sleep, my church has it’s first service in our first building in just a few hours! I am overcome with excitement, anticipation and joy!)

Maybe not the air, per se, but for sure a change in my blog. There will still be children, as long as they continue to allow me to post photos. I say that because they will ask me not to post about them here and there, and it is a fair request that I honor. Thus far they haven’t figured out that they could just make it a standing demand, though they change each day and I am sure they will figure it out soon. (Honestly, my hope is that as long as I approve what I am post they will want to be a part of my blog!) There will still be weight and food and running adventures. Every thing that there is now there will be, but there will be more God.

When I started blogging I decided to be real, raw and honest. I am gay, I am a twee crazy, I am a mess, I am evolving. I make mistakes, I make art, I learn. I am and do all those thing. Well, I am also a true believer in an awesome God. I have always had a great relationship with God, but religion and I don’t really get along. I have been hurt and damaged  by religious people. Torn and stained by the church. Things is, God redeems. The hurt and damage grow your garden and the torn and stained are made beautiful. It’s time to stop wallowing there.

I have been reading – a lot. Spending every moment with God, praying and worshiping ALL THE TIME. It has changed my life and that will be reflected. I want to blog, and create art. I also want to spend every moment in praise and in awe – so, I am bringing them together. There will be those daily post of fun, but also lots of ‘this is what I read’ or ‘this is what I learned’ or ‘this is what blew me away today’ – I mean, how can I share my life if I leave out the very center and source of it?

Anyway, I am super excited about the summer, I have so much reading! Currently I am reading The Story, the Bible in One Continuous Story and also The Knowledge of The Holy, which is just amazing!


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