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The joy in the journey.

on May 5, 2014

Sometimes changes come with the din of a life broken, life altering events that shake us out of our norm. Some changes come with a softness, a comfort you find that allows you to relax into the life you wanted. And then there are the changes that seep into who you are, they come from other sources and they come while you are not looking. You make a change here or there because you feel you should or really need to do so, and somewhere else (somewhere unexpected) change takes place. Because you aren’t looking you don’t notice until one day life presents some benign circumstance and you automatically respond only to surprise yourself.

Here’s a secret: the more you knowingly work on yourself the more pleasant surprises you will get in all areas of your life.

If you spend anytime here you know that I took care of my church’s website for the last year or so. It was a lot of work in the beginning, a lot of figuring out and stretching my ability to think, lol. It was fun, and it was needed and I was happy to do it. I was happy to do it still, so when my pastor contacted me to let me know that another person in our church was interested and asked if I was ready to part with it human reaction came: Am I not doing a good job? Are they not happy? Is this personal? But way before it settled anywhere near my mind my spirit said, “Pray about it.” The moment I prayed I felt free, light – happy! This is perfect. Building the site was fun, it was natural and it was good on so many ways. It gave me a reason to talk to people and a subject I was comfortable building relationships with. I am not that person anymore, I am ready for something new. I am looking ahead at the journey. Sure, I will be back up. I will help if needed, happily. This Sonya, however, wants to write, and create. This girl is ready to hand that away and knows that releasing this ministry opens me for the next. (Honestly, as I write this I also feel like I am happy. I planted a seed for God and it has outgrown me. How awesome is that?)

I wrote my pastor back and expressed that I am entirely ready to let it “go” but would like to focus on a project I had started almost a year ago. I enjoy taking the notes I write during the Sunday sermon and writing them up on a church blog. I call it Sunday Notes and I want to see it thrive. She said that was fine. The very moment I exchanged those text another pastor extended a different writing opportunity and an hour later I wrapped up a conversation with a fellow artist who works in the art ministry at her church – after that conversation I was FLOODED with ideas and hope and spirit-filled inspiration. It was as if God gave me immediate confirmation that moving on from the website, that being happy to give it to someone else was the right direction because there is more than I could imagine ahead. Even more exciting is that I have no idea what it is, there is no clearly beaten path – this journey is my very own, joy filled, mysterious, awesome journey. How fantastic is that?


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