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175 days of Sonya!

on May 7, 2014

If you are aware of any of my other on-line spots then you have probably seen, heard or read something about #175daysofsonya. This post, however, is going to explain it all. You know, as best as I can. lol

A while back I was drifting through Insta-land and I found the hashtag #100DAYSOFHAPPY and I was interested. You may have seen it on Facebook as well, as it’s there a lot now that I am actually noticing. Anyway, the person decides to post one thing that makes them happy each day for a hundred days. I thought it was cool. I mean, I thank God all the time and I think I am pretty open about being blessed and happy, but I thought it would be fun and inspire me to think each day about happiness.  So I started and the other day I realized it had been over thirty days! Time was flying and I was a third through with the project. It kind of hit me and reinforced the whole ‘time is going to pass one way or another’ idea. Suddenly I was driven to get back on  track, like, “How many days would it take to be where I want to be?” So I took out my phone and logged into Loseit – 175 days of being one plan. 175 days of really being ON – I can do that.

I can count and run and really be my best. This can happen!

And so I am. I have been eating clean and running and really taking my health seriously! It’s been over two weeks, and generally the second week is the hardest for me. I’m down 12.7 pounds and I am happy!


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