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If I won the Lottery.

on May 8, 2014

Ever think about that? I do. Not in a – well that is the plan – way, but I think of it. I think of how awesome it would be to secretly bless every0ne in my life. Just pay off houses and cars anonymously. I think of how I am living basically the same life I would live, only on land with animals and with my wife home working the land instead of working out in the world. I think of being able to spend our days all wrapped in God and family. I would hire tutors for the girls – for foreign language and music, but I would still teach them. We would have an actual classroom for school and art.

I also daydream about opening an old folks home that runs various preschool and daycare programs to help both children and the elderly have those important connections to life. I think about giving it away, how amazing it would be to just be able to give limitlessly. Funny thing is I have always said that, and recently my wife was like, “You know I used to think you were crazy when you talked like that, but now that’s all I think about. Giving it away.” She’s awesome.

This post reminds me, I should probably buy a ticket now and then. 😉


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