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Netflixing my way through.

on May 9, 2014

My darling House M.D. has ended and I am sad. So sad. I loved it to the end and I hope that it stays on Netflix long enough for me to swish through my Watch List and then back again to my dear House! In dealing with this loss I found:

netflix burn notice

I give you Burn Notice, it’s like a 1979 comic book how-to! I love it. Give it time to set in, though, because the acting (while purposefully janky) takes a while to find it’s roll. I start the third season today!

Just in case Burn Notice isn’t your style I highly recommend all of the following:

If you have spent any time with me and we happened to talk TV you may have heard me say what I am about to type. In that case move on. Netflix has broken me. Seriously. It once was that when a show I loved went off the air to early I mourned, and moved on. I think back to the summer of 2000 when I found out Young Americans would not be back, and with it’s demise it took “Jack” – don’t worry, years later Jack came back as Shane on the L-Word. (I die!) Now, these days of Netflix, I hold on. I just hold on KNOWING that Netflix will revive my lost show! These are the shows I would just love to have back!


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