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Beauty box!!! May 2014 Birchbox!

on May 12, 2014

This month I would say that both my Ipsy and my Birchbox boxes delivered! (Of course, they both started to look better when I decided I was canceling one or the other!)

Up first – Birchbox!

Let’s cover the bad, and there was a LOT of it in this box! Up first Which Shave Crave Saving Cream, in the Acia Grapefruit flavor. This is just WAY to smelly, and it’s not a good smell either. Really it’s a shame because the product is creamy and seems like a good idea, but I couldn’t even sample it due to the smell and it would be IMPOSSIBLE to wear with a perfume or scent other than it because it is loud! However, as bad as the shave cream is it gets worse with the Gilchrist & Soames lotion! Another product that seems like if it didn’t stink it would be great – but it stinks! I am not sure what sea fennel is, but if this scent is accurate I am super glad I have never sniffed it before! All the good and creamy awesome of this lotion is wasted, because the scent it wretched! Now, at least those products seem like the scent is where it is lost – up next the major malfunction seems to be the concept. The Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention line – okay, seem normal – that is until you realize that this is more than a shampoo and conditioner, it has a fancy extra step. A pre step. A color guard serum that you use to grease your hair and repel water in the shower. I don’t know, seems dumb!

As bad as it was, it gets that much better – one product alone redeems this box. The PIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm is awesome! Creamy, light and the color is just a hint of natural pink (I got Coral and it is not orange or cheap looking!) This would have made my day, but to top it off this is a full size sample – yay! So at an eight dollar value it practically makes the box worth it. I am not in the market for more lip balm right now, but when I am I am SO getting more of these! I hope they have a red!!!

The final product was the breath crystals – which were fun and effective! They are teeny packets of adult Pop Rocks, basically! So much more fun than a stupid Altoids or gum. I was like, “Heck yes! I would love to have these hanging in my purse for now and then!” and then I looked at the price! 30 for fifteen dollars?! lol Um, no, I will stick to the Altoids.



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