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Praying in Color!!!

on May 13, 2014

Today was a long day! Long. I had an outreach meeting at church at 6:30 this afternoon, so it made good sense to schedule all my meeting on the same date. I started at three with a meeting about the church website and then four we met with the pastor to go over everything… All would have been fine, except that something horrible is happening inside of my body. I am 90% sure I am nursing a UT/kidney infection. On the way to church I thought I was going to pass out, sweaty and clammy and just like there was no bottom. I prayed to God that I could just feel okay through the meeting and the moment I pulled up I felt a lot better. Still it is hard to push the energy up, I dislike when people mope and I don’t want to be a moper. I dug deep, pushed hard, and I am pretty sure no one was the wiser. Score. lol

So during my final meeting, which got a little off topic, I was expressing my flaming passion for art and art prayer and art ministry when I pastor went into her office and came out with this book! praying in color (2)I will tell you what this book is for me – it is like a pair of glasses. You know how you don’t even know you can’t see well until you get your first pair of glasses and then you are like WHAT?! is this what the world has always looked like?! lol It isn’t mind blowing in the sense that I never thought of prayer art or that its a stretch for me, but this book put words to thoughts I operate in. It also helped me shrink the idea – made it more accessible, inspired me. It didn’t light the fire, but it kindled the flames!!! I texted my pastor:

Changing my life. You know how sometimes you can see something but not make it out exactly, and then someone says “it’s a …” and all the sudden it snaps into focus? I’m having that moment and I am so inspired!!! Thanks!

Update: 5/19/14 – My pastor had the kid edition of Praying in Color!!! I am stoked beyond to get into it. I had already decided that family prayer time will happen for me and the girls every morning this summer, and now I know it will include paper, pen, markers, paint and anything we can get creative with!praying in color (1)


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