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Thrifting Thursday

on May 15, 2014

Being a mom is a rough thing sometimes. You don’t get sick days, or vacation days – not the way you do when you work out of the house. Now, I am not complaining, this is the best job in the world and the pay is far beyond money, also I am blessed to have an amazing family. My kids help and my wife is so supportive, I get a lot of love and pampering when I am not feeling well. With the kids at 11 and 9 I can even take a day off from the kitchen in the worst of times and they can totally live on cereal, toast, Pop-tarts, sandwiches and raw veggies for a moment. Still, life isn’t like, “Oh, you’re sick – no problem I will wait.” lol

Today I am feeling a twee better. I have a great hour and half ever eight hours, it falls right at the peak of my medication schedule. Like, feel wretched and take pain medication – makes me ill-ish and sick to the tummy – that feeling wears off in about and hour when I have to take my other medication which makes me icked in the tummy as well, roughly two hours later it starts to go away and I feel good! About an hour and a half later it all starts to wear off and I have to wait so I can take my medication again! Yipee!

Anywho, during this afternoon’s happy hour I took the kids to the local Goodwill to look for shorts. My children, especially my oldest, have a great affinity for sweat pants. We live in the dirty HOT south and they want to go play in sweats – um, no. So I told them we would look for shorts they likes and we headed out to thrift. Lou ♥ got a new pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts, Mavis got three pairs of shorts and I scored as well with a pair of  shoes and a fantastic top. Eight items for thirty dollars!



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