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A price list and a prayer!

A few post back I wrote about paint an anniversary gift for a friends wife. At that time I told my wife that I felt as if God was telling me it was time to start selling my art, that my gift be used for His glory and my family. I started several projects and told my wife that the first sale was going entirely to the church – a first fruits offering. A seed for my future art endeavors. photo(2)

Sunday my friends gave me a gift (well, several – one for the pups and one for me) and it was this lovely little book I have been wanting! I was thrilled to have it, and then I peeked inside and found the sweetest note and a bit of money for the painting! It makes that painting the first “official” income and I am thrilled beyond thrilled to give it my church and I am super excited to start really focusing on my art! In fact I actually got myself together and went and took an inventory, checked prices, created a current price list and have a starting point. I always feel strange when people want to buy a painting, but not anymore… Prices have been set for canvases and canvas panels. Yay! I also signed up to take card payments through my phone (starting next week) and organized my banking info and set up a register of banking info, project info and reordering info! Awesome! lol

I have one more painting to work on, as a gift, and then I am working through the MANY I have sketched out and I am going to post them here and make a page for them to sit on!


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