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Nexxus® Color Assure™ Vibrancy Retention products – a review of sorts.

on May 20, 2014

nexxus (2)I recently (today) discontinued my Wen subscription, for several reasons:

  • The price, it is ridiculous and I find them misleading.
  • The allergy I developed to mint.
  • It just can’t stand up to the build up of dry shampoo and I need my dry shampoo to extend the life of my color!

So the search for a good smelling, working, color friendly shampoo and conditioner is on. You will see more shampoo reviews due to this! Happily I have several samples I have gotten over the last few months from my beauty boxes so I have some to play with for now! It just so happens that this sample came from my May Birchbox last week!

Now in this case I have no idea if this would actually work long term, because the sample size was barely enough to do my hair once. (I have long hair, but thin so it isn’t like I need TOO TOO much.) I feel like if you are going to offer samples, offer a dang sample. Almost all of the shampoo/conditioner samples I have received in travel/hotel size bottles, but not this. Apparently Nexxus feels that a teaspoon is enough, and if it were enough there is still a problem! The packaging makes it next to impossible to get the sample out. I cut my thumb – twice – opening them, they slip and fall in the shower and then you can only squeeze them so much. It was a fail and if I wasn’t going to review it for you, my lovelies, I would have trashed the dang thing!

The whole idea of this confuses me, like instead of rubbing an expensive product in so that the shower is not effective, I could just skip the shower… lol But then again, as I mentioned, maybe it would work. It smells okay and my hair seems clean, at least cleaner than it was, maybe not as clean as it would have been if I just straight washed… Which is where the shampoo and conditioner get hard to review because I think this worked okay, but you grease your hair before you wash your hair – so the end result was cleaner than it was but still dirty-ish! My hair felt gritty and dirty as I rinsed and I really and truly wanted to grab the kids shampoo and scrub it good, but I was already in for two cuts and a 15 minute experiment so I wanted to follow through. Once blown dry (yes, I was in a rush for my hair to dry so I could get dressed for church) it seemed clean and was manageable, but by the end of that day it was greasy-ish, more than normal and I think it’s because your hair isn’t really clean!

In the end I say, save your money and skip!


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