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To make you happy!

on May 21, 2014

photo(3)That smile is the most amazing smile, and I am responsible for keeping it smiling! So of course it upsets me when that smile disappears into a tight pained line. That is what happened over the weekend. Paisley has always had a funny walk, in part due to being hit by a car just before she was rescued and in part because she is a “bully” breed mix. There is a bit of burly swagger in her walk. Lately my love bug has been a cuddle-aholic and we’ve seen her standoffish nature melt away. However about a week ago she started to stay in her kennel more and more, to whimper and cry at night. She got a bit aggressive during play with her puppy brother, Wiley, after he nipped her leg. Saturday she came out of her kennel hopping on her back leg, not letting the right leg touch the ground. We nursed it and we babied her, but it was only getting worse. Yesterday I took her into the vet.
She was such a good girl, both because she is slowly getting to know them and because she had no fight left. Her leg was hurting to the point that I was carrying her to and from the car, the yard and the couch. We were told that she will probably need surgery, though I am praying that it doesn’t go that way at all. I am praying that when they have her sedated and they do the test they find something different and we are able to avoid the surgery (pain. recovery time and cost.)


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