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Hello, summer!

on May 22, 2014

This is it, the last day of school. pai knee (2)

To be honest we stopped schooling schooling last week. It’s been a slow and lazy reading of books, popping a few math problems and talking through a couple of concepts this week. I mean when you homeschool it seems that a teaching moment comes every hour even when you are trying to avoid them, and if you go looking for them they are endless. It’s a pretty amazing world we live in. 🙂 Anyway, today we are super busy – book packing (to send back to the state) and dance prep (Lou ♥ has her spring ballet concert tonight) and laundry – oh! The laundry!

This summer I have a few plans, to keep up in the swing and create some order. I told the girls they get one week to do whatever – sleep, stay up all night, veg in front the TV, play endless video games, whatever! Then, they are mine again. We are going to start everyday with prayer art, we are going to exercise, they are going to learn some house skills from front to back (laundry, dishes) and we are reading all of our to be read books! Mavis, darling! will be working on multiplication and Lou ♥ on creative writing… It will be very different then school, in that there will be less structure and more talk and play – but it will be a productive summer. Tuck in the Groupons that I scooped for the alligator farm and the bowling alley and we are going to have a blast!


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