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Spring Ballet Concert 2014

on May 23, 2014

dance (18)The end of the year comes with so many fun things like the packing of the class room, the planning of a thousand art projects and outings – the final ballet concert of this school year!

Lou ♥ was not as excited about this concert as all the others in the past and I felt bad for her. She’s going on twelve and I get a lot of shrugging “I don’t know”s when I ask her questions, but with a little gentle conversation I got to the bottom of it. Due to several kids coming and going the dance had been changed several times up to the end of the semester and the boys (at least the oldest one) was being goofy-rude about having to touch the girls hands. Most of the girls probably laughed this off or got rude back, but Lou ♥ is sensitive and you could tell that the boy-girl interaction had her apprehensive due to their comments.

She did invite them to the 2nd Annual Ballet Pool & Pizza party we are throwing because as she put it, “They are nice, just not fun to dance with.” Good for you, little Lou ♥, good for you!

Despite all that sugar-n-spice vs. puppy-dog tails stuff last night was a beautiful night, happy and exciting. My wife put in for time off so that she was able to be there (she has not missed one yet) and my parents came in for the dance. After we went as a family to a little local place for dinner. It was a fantastic was to end the school year.


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